Author T.T. McClendon 

"Leaving behind impacting lasting impressions"

"It took me 10 years and 6 days to share a piece of myself. Knowing that people would love, criticize, uplift, receive, and reject the one thing that left me vulnerable.

I feared the cruelty of your opinions and wasn't sure if you, the world, would accept me under the umbrella called AUTHOR. Plagued with doubt, I gave myself countless reasons as to why it would be better to hide in the shadows oppose to walking in purpose.

But something changed. For once in my life I stopped finding reason to doubt and decided to believe.... To believe in me and walk in purpose. Thus, etched between the pages of my book is who I am. It took me 10 years and 6 days for me to finally allow God to show me, me."

~ T.T. McClendon